Shizuoka Children’s Hospital


Shizuoka Children’s Hospital is located in the north-east of Shizuoka city and stands at the bosom of a hill lying on the south end tip of the mountains joining with the Japan South-Alps. Shizuoka Children’s Hospital is a comprehensive center with 279 beds, providing a complete health care service for children.

We are trying to give the highest quality of care with the following unique features.

  1. We offer a complete range of health care services for children from fetus to adolescents. We are concerned with not only physical problems but also mental problems. We work as a multidisciplinary team with many pediatric specialists in their fields.
  2. Our programs and facilities of the hospital are designed child-friendly. Kids can enjoy snacks twice a day in a colorful dining room and can play with other kids in a spacious playroom which is equipped in every inpatient ward. We have many nursery staffs who take care of hospitalized children.
  3. We strive to be one of the leading institutes in the world performing cutting-edge operations or treatments with state-of-the-art equipments designed specifically for children.
  4. We provide coordinate care and linkages between our staffs and local physicians. We accept any patients who need tertiary care or highly specialized services.

Shizuoka Children’s Hospital continues to offer the highest quality care with trying to innovate the atmosphere to make our hospital as pleasant as possible for every kid and family.
Our mission has always been and will be “to improve the health and well-being of children in our local community”. We will act to improve the cost efficiency of our services, to educate health care providers including doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, to assist community providers and to be dedicated to our employee’s well-being.

First Visit reservation

In this hospital,a referral (letter of introduction) is required. Please consult your family doctor first.

  1. Please send a referral (letter of introduction) to Regional Liaison Office.
  2. We decide the appointment date.
  3. A reservation card and a medical questionnaire are sent.


  1. Please go to the front desk "3.新患受付" (a reception desk for new patient),and submit your health insurance card,reservation card,registration form,and medical questionnaire.
  2. A receptionist hand you a file.
  3. Please wait at your assigned department until the nurse calls.

In case you don't have a referral (letter of introduction) from your family doctor,there will be an additional charge of ¥2620 for your first medical examination.